SR. No. Tender No Title Date of Issue Last Date of Submission Documents
1 Global Tender No. I-I/ET-TPT/GTE/23003/23-24 Supply of One Directional Carbon Fiber Composite Plate GTE_CFC_web.zip (1.8 MB)
2 Bid Number: GEM/2023/B/3831722 Auxiliary Junction Box & Gyrotron Dummy Load Bank Assembly Cabinet GeM Bid Published GEM_2023_B_3831722.pdf (87.95 KB)
3 GeM Bid No. GEM/2023/B/4006595 Development and Supply of the VVPSS Rupture Disc Assembly (Re-tender) Webupload_final.zip (126.2 MB)
4 Bid Number: GEM/2023/B/3948563 Supply of Cable Tray System along with Cable Laying Published GeM-Bidding-5311511.pdf (87.54 KB)
5 Bid Number: GEM/2023/B/3921048 Supply of A4 Size Colour Laser Multi Function Printer GeM-Bidding-5281493-3.pdf (84.99 KB)
6 I-I/ET-TPT/23002/23-24 Supply of RF Resistors & Transmission Tendre ID 2023_ITERI_770961_1.pdf (131.28 KB)
7 Bid Number: GEM/2023/B/3896032 Supply of High Voltage Carbon Film Power Resistors Publsihed GeM-Bidding-5254105.pdf (88.14 KB)
8 Bid Number: GEM/2023/B/3892902 Supply of Computer Workstation Publisned GeM-Bid for Workstation-5250670.pdf (110.41 KB)
9 GeM Bid No.: GEM/2023/B/3931875 Suppy of Tonner Cartridge Published GeM-Bidding-5293366 - Tonner Cartrige.pdf (175.44 KB)
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