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With the tremendous advancement of the internet technology in the last decade, a lot of informative materials on fusion, ranging from basic concepts with illustrations to detailed experimental information with data are now easily available on the internet. This has done a great service in both educating the general public on fusion related topics, as well as in exchange of information between various research groups

Following is a list of fusion sites on the internet for various universities, institute and organizations involved in the worldwide fusion programs. Several of these sites (as for example, those of PPPL, General Atomics, IPP Garching, JET etc) contain detailed information on fusion and plasma basics. However, this list may not be complete.

Alphabetical List of Fusion sites on the World Wide Web

» Alfven Laboratory - Division of Plasma Physics (Sweden) www.plasma.kth.se/alp/lab
» American Nuclear Society - Fusion Energy Division fed.ans.org
» American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics www.apsdpp.org/index.php
» Argonne National Laboratory - Fusion Power Program www.td.anl.gov/fusion.html
» Asociacion EURATOM - CIEMAT para Fusion (Spain) www-fusion.ciemat.es
» Auburn University www.physics.auburn.edu/fusion.html
» Boeing Aerospace High Energy Systems www.boeing.com/assocproducts/hienergy/home.htm
» California Institute of Technology Plasma Page ve4xm.caltech.edu/Bellan_plasma_page
» Canadian Fusion Fuels Technology Project www.itercanada.com
» Centre for Research on Plasma Physics (Switzerland) crppwww.epfl.ch
» Coalition for Plasma Science www.plasmacoalition.org
» Columbia University www.ap.columbia.edu/apam/plasma/plasmaintro.html
» Contemporary Physics Education Project for Fusion fusedweb.pppl.gov/CPEP/Chart.html
» Culham Laboratory www.fusion.org.uk
» DOE Office of Fusion Energy Sciences wwwofe.er.doe.gov
» DOE Office of Inertial Fusion and the NIF www.dp.doe.gov/ifnif/icf.htm
» DOE Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) vm1.hqadmin.doe.gov/seab/
» Directory of Plasma Conferences (IEEE) hibp7.ecse.rpi.edu/~connor/ieee/plasma_meetings.html
» Eastlund Scientific Enterprises Corp. (ESEC) www.eastlundscience.com
» EFDA-JET www.jet.efda.org
» Frascati Tokamak Upgrade (Italy) www.frascati.enea.it/FTU
» Fusion Facilities and Personnel Directory aries.ucsd.edu/fpa/DBMAN/
» Fusion Ignition Research Experiment (FIRE) fire.pppl.gov
» Fusion Meetings Calendar aries.ucsd.edu/fpa/calendar.shtml
» Fusion Power Associates - Fusion Program Notes aries.ucsd.edu/fpa
» General Atomics - Main Page fusion.gat.com
» General Atomics - Educational Page fusioned.gat.com
» General Atomics - National Outreach Page fusion.gat.com/PlasmaOutreach
» General Atomics - ICF Target Group fusion.gat.com/icf
» Georgia Institute of Technology www.frc.gatech.edu/
» Imperial College (England) www.pp.ph.ic.ac.uk
» Innovation Services, Inc www.InnovationServicesInc.com
» Instituto Gas Ionizzati (Padua, Italy) www.pd.cnr.it/ist/igi/igi.html
» Institute of Nuclear Fusion (Madrid, Spain) www.denim.upm.es
» Institute for Nuclear Technology and Reactor Safety
(Karlsruhe, Germany)
» Institute for Plasma Physics (Czech Rebuplic) www.ipp.cas.ez
» Institute for Plasma Physics (Garching, Germany) www.ipp.mpg.de
» Institute for Plasma Research (Gandhinagar, India) www.ipr.res.in
» International Atomic Energy Agency www.iaea.or.at
» Internet Plasma Physics Educational Experience ippex.pppl.gov/ippex/
» ITER - Joint Central Team www.iter.org
» ITER Canada www.itercanada.com
» Japan Tokamak - JT60 www-jt60.naka.jaeri.go.jp
» Joint European Torus - JET (England) www.jet.efda.org
» KfA - Juelich (Germany) www.kfa-juelich.de/kfa-e.html
» Korean Basic Science Institute - Fusion and Plasma Res comp.kbsi.re.kr/~plasma/plasma.html
» Lab for Plasma Physics - Royal Military Inst. (Belgium) phys-032.rma.ac.be
» Large Helical Device Project (Japan) www.nifs.ac.jp/~LHDhp/index.html
» Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - Heavy Ion Fusion www-hifar.lbl.gov
» LLNL Laser Fusion - Education/Outreach lasers.llnl.gov/lasers/education/ed.html
» Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Lasers www-lasers.llnl.gov
» Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - NIF www-lasers.llnl.gov/lasers/nif.html
» Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - NIF Progress lasers.llnl.gov/lasers/pubs/monthly
» Lodestar, Inc www.lodestar.com/lrc
» Los Alamos National Laboratory - Fusion Energy fusionenergy.lanl.gov
» MIT Department of Nuclear Engineering web.mit.edu/ned/www
» MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center www.pfc.mit.edu
» National Energy Research Super Computer Center www.nersc.gov
» National Institute for Fusion Science (Japan) www.nifs.ac.jp
» NRC Plasma Science Committee www.nas.edu/bpa/plsc/
» National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) fileroom.pppl.gov/nstxhome/index.shtml
» Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Fusion Energy Division www.ornl.gov/fed/fedhome.html
» Plasma Materials Test Facility (Sandia) www.techpart.sandia.gov/Facilities/Descriptions/plasma_materials.htm
» PlasmaNet (Japan) www.ias.unu.edu/networks/plasmanet/index.html
» Plasma Science and Technology www.plasma.umd.edu
» Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory www.pppl.gov
» Sandia Nat'l Lab - Inertial Confinement Fusion www.sandia.gov/pulspowr/hedicf
» Sandia Nat'l Lab - Materials Test Facility corpbusdev.sandia.gov/Facilities/Descriptions/pmtf.htm
» Sandia Nat'l Lab - Pulsed Power Technology www.sandia.gov/pulspowr
» Snowmass Summaries www.ap.columbia.edu/fusion/snowmass/WG_Summaries.html
» Stellarator News www.ornl.gov/fed/stelnews
» U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Plasma Physics Division wwwppd.nrl.navy.mil
» University Fusion Association plasma.ep.wisc.edu/ufa/l
» University of California at Berkeley neutrino.nuc.berkeley.edu/fusion/fusion.html
» University of California at Davis www.llnl.gov/das/das_research/plasma.html
» University of California at Irvine mainpinch.ps.uci.edu
» University of California at Los Angeles - Fusion Sciences Laboratory tokamak.seas.ucla.edu
» UC at San Diego - Fusion Energy Research Program www-ferp.ucsd.edu
» UC at San Diego - Fusion Power Plant Studies aries.ucsd.edu/PUBLIC/
» UC at San Diego, Physics Dept., Plasma Research www-physics.ucsd.edu/research/plasma
» UC at San Diego - PISCES Program www-pisces.ucsd.edu/
» University of Canberra (Australia) beth.canberra.edu.au/pil
» University of Rochester - Laboratory for Laser Energetics www.lle.rochester.edu
» University of Texas w3fusion.ph.utexas.edu
» University of West Virginia www.as.wvu.edu/phys/plasma.htm
» University of Wisconsin - Research Programs in Plasmas and Fusion Technology sprott.physics.wisc.edu/fusion.html
» University of William and Mary physics.wm.edu/Grad_Brochure/Plasma.html
» Virtual Laboratory for Technology (USA) vtl.ucsd.edu
» Weizmann Institute (Israel) www.plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/index.html
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