Power Supplies

Multi-Megawatt Power Supplies

7.2 MW acceleration power supply

This package includes power supplies for:

  • Diagnostic neutral beam : 10 kV, 140 A extraction power supply, 90 kV 70 A acceleration power supply for the diagnostic neutral beam source, 200 kW 1 MHz RF generators, 4 nos. and a 10 kV 60 A power supply for the electrostatic residual ion dump
  • The ICRH system : Driver stage 8-18 kV 250 kW and end stage 27 kV 2.8 MW power supplies Electron Cyclotron Emission (ECE)
  • The ECRH system: 55 kV, 5.5 MW power supply


The developments include:

  • Delivery of 7.2 MW, 100 kV acceleration grid power supplies for an neutral beam ion source test bed at Padova, Italy
  • A transmission line capable of supporting a power transport of 150 MW over 25 m length and accommodates power, hydraulics and RF lines for the Indian test facility
  • A dual output high voltage power supple for ICRH system which is first of its kind with a unique concept
  • A prototype of compact cost effective solution using solid state switch has been prepared and tested as a potential solution for the low current fast switching high voltage gyrotron body power supply for the ECRH system


Several Indian Industries are manufacturing power supply components for ITER through Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. (ECIL)

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