About ITER-India

Introduction to ITER-India

ITER-India Development Team

ITER is an experimental fusion reactor facility under construction in Cadarache, South of France to prove the feasibility of nuclear fusion for future source of energy.

ITER partners are the European Union, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the United States of America. European Union being the host party contributes 45% while the rest of the parties contribute 9% each. Most of these contributions are through 'in-kind' procurement of ITER components.

India formally joined the ITER Project in 2005 and the ITER Agreement between the partners was signed in 2006. ITER Organization (IO) is the central team responsible for construction at site and operation, while the ITER partners created their own domestic agencies to deliver their commitments to ITER. ITER-India is the Indian domestic agency.

India's is responsible for delivery of the following ITER packages:

ITER-India carries out other common activities in support of the in-kind deliveries and other related commitments to the ITER-IO which include project coordination, project management, quality control, assurance and quality audits.

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