Showcasing Indian Culture and Traditions at the ITER Awards Ceremony

K.M. Praphullachandra Sharma, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Indian Embassy in France, prepares to light a ceremonial lamp with ITER Director-General Pietro Barabaschi.
Event Description

Fourth Annual ITER awards ceremony were held on 4th December 2023. Prizes were awarded to the teams that had "Major Impact" on 2023 activities. The awards were given to the following categories Assembly Team Award, Component Delivery Team Award, Best Support of the ITER Project and The Special Contribution Team Award recognized the Facilities Management Team for all it does to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly and the extra challenge of major office moves in 2023 related to re-organization. In celebration and recognition of diversity of the ITER workforce, this year's celebration theme was "A night in India!" a celebration of the rich and diverse culture of India. The lighting of Diya which symbolizes victory of Light over Dark was done to mark the commencement of the ITER Awards Ceremony. The guest were greeted with mix of traditional and Bollywood dance which is a representation of India's path to modernisation while adhering to the traditional values of our great country.  The Director-General Pietro Barabaschi had the honour to welcome Dr. K.M. Praphullachandra Sharma (Deputy Chief of Mission) and Shri Madhav R. Sulphule (First Secretary, Political) from the Indian Embassy in France. Click here to read the article published on ITER Website. 

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